Elohim Opens for The Glitch Mob

by Flaunt Magazine

The Hollywood Palladium welcomed Elohim and The Glitch Mob Friday, September 28. As the show began, the crowd seemed more like they were at a house party than a concert, mindlessly chatting. It seemed like forever before Elohim began; her mysterious and soft presence filled the room. Chaos seemed to build as if her sound alone was bringing in more people.

Although Elohim was enchanting, filling the stage and the room with a personality that was unapologetically her, there was a complexity to The Glitch Mob that is easy to miss through the lights show an explosion of bass. The Glitch Mob paved the way for a new wave of electronic music, doing away with glorified disc jockey’s and introducing the world to electronic musicians. Managing to blend sounds together seamlessly and put on a show, filled with emotions and pure talent. 

The Glitch Mob has an unmistakable sound, unlike any other out there captivating EDM fans, over the last eight years they have been essential in opening the doors for new types of EDM. The show at the Hollywood Palladium showcased the talent of amazing artists even if the crown did not seem to reflect the talent on stage.  

Written by Niza Metoyer 

Photographed by Nicole Busch