Ella Fatigued | Kaaboo Del Mar

by Flaunt Intern


Are you over that annual circus in the desert that shall not be named but let’s just say is ‘ella saturated? I know I’m ‘ella annoyed with the floral crowns, Indian headdresses and the general Instagramness of it all. If you’re looking for a reset, check out Kaaboo Del Mar, a festival in its relative infancy with an impressive and eclectic roster of musicians, chefs, comedians and visual artists.

The fest features over one hundred mixed media artists, including installation artists Handiedan, Fin DAC, ONEQ, Gleo, Jade Rivera, Remi Rough, Cryptik, Vizie and David Young V. The live installation is a particularly cool feature, a communion of sorts between audience and artist. “Mural/installation work allows me to creatively engage with the audience,” says David Young V. Remi Rough echoes that sentiment. “Being able to see something on a large scale created from start to finish over the course of a few days makes people engage with it more.”

Rough will be focusing on his classic geometric abstraction. “I kind of want people to have something non-figurative to engage with.” He adds, “Sometimes having something different and possibly outside of the norm makes people see murals and public art in a whole different light.”

Cryptik has grand plans for his live installation. “I’ll be working on a 20ft tall obelisk, wrapping my letters & patterns around the entire structure.” This is part of his ongoing body of work, The Mantradala Series, an exploration of art as a tool for meditation. “The works are a combination of mantras or prayers within a mandala design.”


After being on hiatus for a while, Young V is less prescriptive and is keeping all options open. “Whenever I take long stretches of time without doing art, my work and attitude towards it changes,” he says. “I am very curious to see what comes out of me after this long break.”

The full list of visual artists is available here.

Kaaboo’s biggest draw has to be the epic music line up. Katy Perry, Halsey, Imagine Dragons, Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane and Post Malone sharing the stage with the O.G.s that defined what it meant to Party Like a Rockstar: Robert Plant, Slash, Blondie, Billy Idol, Foo Fighters, Better than Ezra, Everclear, Incubus and a lot more.  It’s a pretty complete journey through the last forty years of music. The Pre-Post Malone, if you will.

You can find the full music line up here.

Kaaboo Del Mar runs September 14-16, 2018

Written by: Brendan Pollecutt