DVBBS & Blackbear's "IDWK" Is the Summer Banger YoUR POOL PARTY NEEDS

by Flaunt Staff

As hip-hop phenom and prolific collaborator blackbear removes himself from the hoards of bikini-clad models lying on a large day-bed, and brothers Alex Andre and Chris Chronicles, of the Canadian EDM duo DVBBS, stroll in after parking their shiny Range Rover, I finally seize the moment. For ten precious minutes, I get to chat with the three chart-topping musicians about their latest collaboration, “IDWK” on set as they wrap filming for the single's video.

The summer anthem, which killed at Coachella and has proven to be extremely stream-worthy, is now getting an equally sun-kissed music video to elevate it to the next level, out tomorrow. Read our Q&A with the trio ahead of the video release:



How did you guys come together to collaborate?

Blackbear: I met Alex a long time ago at an apartment party in Hollywood.

Alex [DVBBS]: We were playing board games!

B: It was a game night and they were like ‘alright nobody make a big deal but Alex from dvbbs is coming in.’ I was like ‘I’ve never heard of them.’ Then I met him and he was cool as shit and we kept in contact for probably 3 or 4 years after that. It's crazy that we haven’t done a song yet.

A: It was gonna happen one day. It was just a matter of time.

B: Yeah it was bound to happen. I think it’s a really good time [for it]. We both wanted a crossover song for the radio.

A: We both stepped out of our worlds.

Who wrote the song?

A: We actually came to the Bear Trap studio. We had the beat already. We were basically like 75 percent done and then Bear added production on the record. Then he just wrote to it and it was fire. I couldn’t even believe what I was hearing.

B: I definitely took my time with it. I started it in New York and then I re-recorded it in LA so it has a LA vibe to it.

What is it like being in a band with your brother?

A: I would say ever since we grew up together. Whether it was sports or music we always had this 50-50 collaboration. When it comes down to the studio I break things down acoustically and vocally and Chris will bring in the production element.

Chris [DVBBS]: I’ll bring in like 20 beats and only one will be good.

A: Then you bring in a third mind with production and songwriting abilities and it just adds to what we [already did].

You all have collaborated with a lot of different artists. Do you thrive in group settings?

B: I definitely get off on bringing the best out of artists I work with. I try to take my own advice and bring the best out of myself. Sometimes it takes a long time. A song like this only comes once in a while. Like he was saying he makes 20 beats and one is good. I’’ll write 20 songs and only one is good.

A: It’s not like the other stuff’s not good. There’s just so much competition and so much dope music coming out right now. So sure you could put out those other 19 and people will be like ‘oh these are slaps.’ But what’s that real one Bop? Yeah know?

C: It’s very international sounding.

B: Yeah I pay attention to vowels and shit like that for people who don’t know English, which is very rare, since a lot of countries learn English and we don’t learn anybody else’s language. It kind of sucks the way it is…but, I pay attention when I’m writing a song. I try to think of the rest of the world. As soon as I started travelling the world, I started keeping it in mind.

What’s next for you guys collectively and individually?

A: To be honest, I would love to do a tour together. That’s something that we've been lightly touching base on throughout the year. Other than the tour, we’ve got some stuff in Europe. Just taking it live.

C: Musically, you always want to keep things fun and you want take what’s popular at the time and put your twist on it. Keep it fresh. It’s fun experimenting with different types of genres.

B: I think that’s also why we clicked so much. They jump around genres and so do I. I have hard rap songs, super emo songs. All kinds of stuff.

C: You have to be original and authentic.

B: Yeah there’s a lot of ripping right now. I won’t put anything out that I won’t bump in my car.

A: Boom! Stamp that shit as a headline.

Chris & Alex

Chris & Alex

Photographed By: Meagan Rafferty