Danny Dodge | "Blue Ain't What I Feel For You"

by Paulette Ely

Danny Dodge_Flaunt_001.jpg

On January 11th, Danny Dodge will release his anticipated new single “Blue Ain’t What I Feel For You”  to give fans and fresh ears a little taste of the contradictory nature of nature itself. Danny dug into his personal experience of living in isolation in California’s Redwood Forest and wrote the hit to, “conjure images of dangerous things or hazardous events happening against what (he) perceive(s) as beautiful.”

In 2017 Danny released his debut “Baby, Let Me Be Your Mess”  and performed with the most rocking sextet ensemble, taking America by storm. With depth and doggedness, Danny Dodge has created another musical masterpiece that is truly worth a listen. Rock’n’rollers and intellects alike, keep your ears open and speakers engaged for his new single to swoon you. 

Photographed by Ursula Rose and David Lekach