Archives from Cameron Boyce: His Lasting Tribute to the World and Fashion

by Britta Cameron

Photographed by:  Shayan Asgharnia

Photographed by: Shayan Asgharnia

Cameron Boyce’s legacy, passion, and desire to positively impact this world are enduring. Archives was created by Cameron and Veronica Graye with the purpose of sending a message to society. Their collection was curated with inclusivity, local workers, and earth friendly materials in mind. The launch is being made possible with the help of other celebrities who will be posting pictures of themselves wearing the sweatshirts to social media. 

Veronica stated, "Cameron and I created Archives, and he was going to start wearing it for all of his press events to say something that mattered. The first message Cameron wanted to share is Tell Me I'm a Person, Not a Label. Knowing that as a society people are continuously being labeled, this subject was often the center of our conversation. We wanted to say something to the world that was much bigger than ourselves. We made this sweatshirt to make an impact, that this movement would change the way we speak, treat and judge others.”

The Tell Me I'm a Person, Not a Label is launching Sunday September 15th as a tribute to Cameron’s grandmother whom he had a great admiration for because she defied labels placed upon her. The collection includes sweatshirts, with a special limited edition version. The limited edition item will be decorated with pieces from his personal wardrobe and only 100 will be made. The full collection will be launched November 2019 by Veronica Graye and The Boyce Family.

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