Brandon Banks

by Paulette Ely

Other Peoples Children, a creative collective of LA visionaries and expressive educators, hosted 23 year old Brandon Bank’s first show last night at the Baume Beach House. The vibe was beyond the sea breeze and beauty that was this Malibu affair, as Banks and his team created an artistic atmosphere that was as intimate and comfortable as a jam out session with your closest friends. Brandon Banks, the suave singer/songwriter, laid it all out on the table as he debuted his new EP, Tides, sharing with us his most personal experiences with each strum of his guitar, the very instrument he credits with saving his life. Accompanying the EP release was a screening of his video for “Autumn,” as well as other surprises like his ode to Prince on his would be 60th birthday that got everyone swaying and harmonizing to Purple Rain collectively. Brandon informs us all of the nerves and jitters that came with this performance for him but with such smoothness in his voice, it was hard to believe. The night continued filled with candle-lit cigarettes and discourse of the exquisiteness that is the future of music.

By Paulette Ely