I went all the way to planet earth and all I got was this lousy elixir

by flaunt

Potions, Recipes, and Concoctions From a Handful of Friends Who Exude the Glory of Eternal Mojo

Vintage Thierry corset 

—or an

Alaïa body suit makes me invincible.

I try to put my toes in an ocean

Or water every day—

Bless all its creatures and powerful gifts to the precious planet—



Respect yourself and others will.

Be with people that love you

And that you love.

Love relentlessly

Protection comes from Angels.

Rescue animals

Take breaks from gadgets.

Walk–listen to nature.

Give $ to panhandlers.

Try to be Vegan.

Do the best you can

No one is perfect.

Lush bath bombs are my treat.

Learn to play guitar

Be fearless.

Be Bold. Say what’s in your heart and on your mind.

Words are powerful—

Image your life the way you want it to be. (Not what you don’t want)

Write every day—


Spend time alone

Go to museums

Learn another language






Live a sensual life

Feel your feelings.

Listen to children and

To old people—

Find your purpose.

Help people—go out of your way.

Teach people.

Dream new dreams.

Be a pioneer.

Cut your hair.

Travel as far as you can.

Think uniquely.

Yves Puiget Roses.

Take deep breaths.

Be grateful for another day.

This is a recipe for youth.

Adventure. The spirit never ages.

Written by Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is the vivacious legend of Baywatch fame. An animal rights and AIDS activist, a Playboy model, a Canadian and a mother, Pamela Anderson epitomizes the spirit and the beauty of remaining Forever Young.