by flaunt

SFMOMA has always been the baddest of the bunch in The Bay, and no ostentatious upstart (looking at you, DeYoung) has been able to dethrone her yet. To top it off they've been on a hot-streak: they've got the best looking building, a recent expansion under their belt, and now SFMOMA is looking to cement their legacy by deepening their focus on the future. To do so they have created a new role – Curator of Contemporary Art – in which they have placed the provocative globetrotting art maven Eungie Joo. Her accolades are diverse and deeply impressive, spanning cultures from NYC to South Korea and always with an eye on emerging and future-facing art-makers.

“I am delighted to join the team at SFMOMA, an outstanding institution with remarkable leadership and vision, as demonstrated by its extraordinary expansion just one year ago. The San Francisco Bay Area possesses a vitality born of its rich history and complex relationship to the development of the United States economically, demographically, agriculturally and technologically," Joo said. "It is an ideal place from which to imagine how U.S. museums might interrogate, present and record contemporary art practices from around the world, while innovating public exchange and discourse. Today and looking forward, SFMOMA is the right institution for such contemplation and action." More art is always a good thing. With any luck it will rub off on Silicon Valley. They could use a bit of self-reflection.