Cheers to Artist Jack Pierson's The Hungry Years at His NYC Book SIgning

by Eva Barragan


Tonight at 6 p.m., '80s culture-capturer Jack Pierson invites New York City to come to bed early for a book signing at Marc Jacob’s BOOKMARC. The Hungry Years, originally published on September 12, 2017, features honest and earnest photographic works from the artist, which span from the everyman to a glammed red-headed (extra fiery from deep saturation) Lucille Ball shooting “Honey, I’m not home!” lasers from the bright blue windows of her soul.

Throughout the years, Jack Pierson’s multimedia collections have provided a vital humanization of the AIDs epidemic, homo-eroticism and glamour. They've been exhibited at the MET, Guggenheim, and Whitney Museum of American Art.

In 2017, surely a polite ask for the rare autograph and cheers to Pierson’s ever-smirking sense of humor and ability to artistically nurture “the uncanny in the quotidien” is in order.  

The signing at 400 Bleecker Street is BYOB (Bring Your Own Book), however, clinkwear and bubbly will be provided.