Mathias Kiss

by Sébastien Roubaud

I’ll Box, I’ll Join Your Guild
The son of a Hungarian bohemian inventor and a mother who specialized in restoring frames, Mathias Kiss grew up amidst the odors of turpentine and wood of his parents’ atelier. At the age of 10 he was sent to boarding school. He dropped out at 14, deciding to pursue stages in painting with ‘old school’ artists, who hid their works to conceal their techniques. With his desire to shine and grow, he simultaneously became an amateur boxer. Mathias is a painter with a discipline of steel, clean living, and beyond all the will to succeed.

At 17, he enters The Compagnons under the tutorship of a master who will slowly help him discover his passion and talent for painting. He is currently working on the deformation of rigid materials, interpreting the codes that once nourished him. He specializes in painting skies and will get to express through several orders.

In between the work, he shares stories and anecdotes with his fellow Compagnons—“those crazy old men” as he calls them with endearment.

Plied by Flaunt to provide a few thoughts, he responds: “Who has the courage to give his opinion today? Who is building the references of tomorrow? I am interested to know.”