Jeff Koons and Snapchat Teaming Up to Bring Art into Augmented Reality

by Flaunt Intern

American artist Jeff Koons is partnering with Snapchat to bring some of his most famous sculptures to real life.

Placed in nine cities across the globe including New York, London, and Los Angeles, a new feature on Snapchat will allow users to walk right up to what appears to be a Jeff Koons sculpture if they are in a specific location. 

Of course the statue isn't actually in the physical space, but it appears that the sculptures are right in front of your eyes when you use the app and point it toward a specific spot.

The other cities that will have a Jeff Koons sculptures nestled into their city are Paris, Toronto, Chicago, Sydney, Washington DC, and Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the video above to see how this new creation will work, and if you're in one of these select cities keep your eye on your Snapchat, because you may be closer to a sculpture than you think.

Written by Corey Fuller