High Stoners May Have Discovered a New Species of Flying Squirrel from Humboldt, California

by Brad Wete

Illustrated by: Travis Farmen

Illustrated by: Travis Farmen

Scientists have discovered a high-flying new species of squirrel in the hazy coniferous forests of Northern California, a beloved West Coast gateway, and Flaunt is proud to be the first, and coolest, magazine of its kind to welcome the little fella into the family. Humboldt’s Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys oregonensis), like other flying squirrels, is equipped with a thin membrane on both sides of its body that allows it to escape sticky-icky situations by leaping from the trees and soaring to safety.

It can be found gliding through the fog from stems to leaves, scoring the berries, bugs, and buds upon which it feeds. Being nocturnal in nature, Humboldt’s Flying Squirrel spends the daylight hours holed up in dank caves lined with lichen. As photos of this elusive but beautiful creature are still in short supply, we have taken the liberty to illustrate Glaucomys oregonensis exhibiting what we expect to be its natural behavior, though some speculation has occurred. Then again, that’s science.

Issue 155

The Aftershock Issue: New America

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