FLAUNT FOREPLAY | Dive To The 'Deep End' of Nat Weaves' Girly Nostalgic Wonderland

by TakeOff Agency

Nat Weaves (LA Models) | all images by Ashley Olah

Nat Weaves (LA Models) | all images by Ashley Olah

We visited Other People’s Children on Melrose and Orlando for Nat Weaves' pop-up show at the newly opened space. There, she premiered her new music video "Deep End" and celebrated it with a video installation.

Other People's Children is a creative collective that serves local young underground art, fashion, music, and sport communities by curating the next generation of artists. Last weekend OPC bloomed and glistened with flowers and bubbles, stimulating all of the senses. The installation is a pure example of how the video is to be watched.

Nat is heavily influenced by the transformation and growth that technology has undergone. Rather than completely modernizing her art, she has decided to combine forces with the installer, Bryan Peterson, and create an interactive experience for the viewer.

Enjoy the video above and our chat with Nat, below.

What was your initial inspiration?

I was swimming a pool and I had this idea and I started to mumble the melody. I got up and started to write and that’s how "Deep End" came out. We filmed the whole video under water.

The idea to do an installation came after I finished the video. There are so many ways you can go about presenting this, but I wanted it to be a full experience of really diving into my world, into my mind and to see how I think of things in depth. I want people to not only hear my music, but experience it and feel it and get to walk through it with all senses. 

What does this installation mean to you personally?

I have been in music my whole life. I just got into doing my own stuff and overcoming that fear of sharing my art with people, it’s a really big deal for me.  When I walk in the installation, it immediately takes me back into this wonderland of being a little girl in my room and having dreams of doing exactly this! I want people to feel liberated and believe their ideas can come true.

Written by: Linda Nyvltova