Globalisto | A Philosophy in Flux, Acts of an Imbizo

Book Launch in Venice

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Palmer Dean

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Imbizo. The Zulu word for gathering. The phrase is embodied by the convening of elders, who create space to listen, contemplate and find ways to solve their community’s problems. The practice of imbizo will be transported to Venice, Italy during the book launch of Globalisto: A Philosophy in Flux, Acts of an Imbizo on April 16th at the African Art in Venice Forum. This publication comes after the exhibition and symposium at the Museé d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Saint Étienne Métropole (MAMC+) in 2022. 

The book will be presented by curator Ntshepe Tsekere Bopape (Mo Laudi) and MAMC+ Director Aurélie Voltz at the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal. Exploring the philosophy of Globalisto, the publication dives into how the school of thought embodies the spirit of African knowledge systems. A major concept explored throughout the book is Botho, a post apartheid exploration of transitionalism, radical hospitality and a willingness to unlearn and envision a borderless world. The book is a hybrid between an exhibition catalog and the proceedings of the symposium in October 2022. Edited by Ntshepe Tsekere Bopape and Alexandre Quoi and distributed by Les Presses du Reel, the book includes contributions by Aurélie Voltz, Ntshepe Tsekere Bopape, Iman Ahmed, Maxence Collin and many more.

Following the launch of Globalisto, a Collateral Event Organized by Open Society Foundations and the Africa Center with support from Cristin Tierney, Wake Forest University and Art Events. The event, All African People's Consulate, was created by artist Dread Scott. The event is curated by Paul Bright, the director of the Hanes Gallery at Wake Forest. This  project reflects on the community of Africans and people of the African diaspora. The spaces serves as an important incubator for connection, community and visionary revolution. The imbizo spirit will shine through Venice as people from across the globe gather to discuss and dispute at both of these unconventional showcases. 

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Globalisto A Philosophy in Flux, Acts of an Imbizo, Venice Forum, Dread Scott, Ntshepe Tsekere Bopape, All African People's Consulate, Paul Bright