Tongue In The Mind | New Track "Free Sex"

The trio of Juliana Huxtable, Jealous Orgasm, and Via App share their latest offering ahead of their debut EP

Written by

Maria Kyriakos

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Tongue in the Mind, a provocative new band formed by Juliana Huxtable, Jealous Orgasm and Via App, releases their a new single "Free Sex," and anncounces their upcoming debut EP. This comes shortly after sharing their first single “Pretty Canary” back in September of last year. The mesmerizing blend of molten thrash and disintegrated electronics houses a sound that puts listeners on quite the sonic journey, dissolving genres and then recombining them.  

“Free Sex” is a smoldering punk-metal sound ignited by tempered riffs. It feels like a techno fever dream embodying the  band’s ethos of experimentation. There is a direct Downtown craze that exudes from this single, accompanied heavily by club beats and an otherworldly ambition. On “Plasmatic Yearning (For The Horizon’s Kiss Goodnight)”, the trio explores introspection resulting in a dreamy landscape.

The EP will be available to listen on May 17th, with an official unveiling live at DRIPPING 2024 in New Jersey this June – with additional dates to be announced. 

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