GUESS JEANS | Coachella 2024 Festival Take-Over

kissed by the dust of the desert

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Palmer Dean

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Instagram photo after Instagram photo. The glamorous lace dresses and stacked necklaces from Coachella outfit pictures, kissed by the dust of the desert and perfectly posed in front of that one colorful tower have flooded everyone’s social media feeds this weekend. All the glitter, glamor, and glory of this iconic festival are seemingly perfect. But how are our favorite influencers, actors, and stars maintaining their fabulousness amidst a dusty, hot desert? The secret may be unexpected, GUESS JEANS. 

GUESS brand returned to the desert, taking part in its third consecutive Coachella, as part of its ongoing legacy and growing success. The festival takeover was curated by Nicolai Marciano who has gracefully scaled GUESS’ involvement in the festival as their presence in the desert continues to grow in popularity. 

GUESS JEANS is a new core denim brand created as an offshoot of the iconic GUESS brand. The company envisions a redefinition of Southern California style and is disrupting the denim industry with its contemporary values and vision. Over the first weekend of Coachella GUESS transformed a series of houses into a festival site for the most current and popular influencers, models, artists, and actors.

The site was a haven from the chaos of the cramped desert for all of the invited talent and their guests. Upon arrival, each guest was given a curated welcome package with unreleased GUEST JEANS products and customized Compound gear to keep as a souvenir. There were also partnerships with the GUESS JEANS compound and brands like Sally Hansen, Marcolin, Saint James Iced Tea, ZigZag, Casamigos, and Unshackled. Some of the guests that took part in the compound experience included Anastasia Karanikaou, Harry Jowsey, J Balvin, Ice Spice, Luka Sabbat, David Dobrik, Madeline Argy, Lil Baby, Devon and Sydney Carlson.

With all of the amenities the GUESS JEANS had to offer, it is understood how all of its guests appeared unscathed by the exhaustion and dust, instead looking flawless and fresh. The experience included a 24-hour concierge service and private chefs catered to each house. To treat the morning-after-battles the house offered different wellness treatments like IV drops by Drop Hydration, B12 shots, HigherDose blue and red light therapy as well as detox juices. To further fight the post-festival demons, there were post-Coachella massages at the compound. As a self-care finale, guests could partake in a wellness experience on Monday before leaving what seems to be a modern rendition of heaven.

The GUESS JEANS compound not only contained everything you could need while barreling through a three-day festival, it also hosted a series of events. The celebration of the iconic festival commenced with a welcome dinner from GUESS on Thursday, as catered by the Los Angeles-based Italian restaurant chain Jon and Vinny's. Plates full of spicy fusilli and a table full of talent set the mood for a successful Coachella weekend.

On Friday, GUESS JEANS hosted the site members for a series of DJs and Performances including DJ Pee.Wee “Anderson Paak”, Kaytranada, Freddie Gibbs, and Hayes Bradley. After the festival came to a close on Sunday, the XO family joined the GUESS JEANS compound to end the weekend with performances by rapper and producer NAV as well as Metro Boomin, who had just released his second album that Friday, April 12. The entire Compound experience set GUESS Jeans apart as a known authority in the land of the desert and created an exciting energy around the future of this rising brand . 

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