Selectively Present and Strategically Absent

by Emily Nimptsch

Gergö Szinyova: Unplugged at Anat Ebgi
A vibrant shock of different colors on oversized canvases seem to devour the walls at the newest exhibition for Budapest-born neo-Abstract Expressionist Gergö Szinyova.

At the very core of a mint green piece enitled "AABOC01052014," lies a hint of loose sketches―shaded squares and seemingly random childlike lines. These loose gestures are then covered by a thin blanket using a squeegee, airbrush, and palette knife. Acting as the painting’s skeletal system, some of the lines are obscured, while others are clearly visible. It raises a question asked by all painters since the dawning of Realismーhow do you create depth on a flat surface? Szinvoya’s work is an examination of Abstract Expressionism and Process Art using its own language.

While classic Ab-Ex painters strived to obtain flatness in their work, Szinyova’s paintings are all about the process; the steps taken to create depth in layers of paint. His canvases reveal their own history like the layers of the Earth’s crust.

A graduate of the Hungarian University of Fine Art, Szinyova has been exploring the legacy left behind by these monumental artistic movements with his recent exhibitions. His solo presentation at LISTE (Art Basel) and group shows at the Trafó House and with Flash Art Hungary in Budapest were all beautifully received, and this fall, he will be in a highly lauded group exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art--Dunaújváros.

Gergö Szinyova: Unplugged will be on display at Anat Ebgi in Culver City until August 22, 2015.