worth a trip

by Irene Kim


worth a trip

A Big Pink Remix Premiere + L.A. Video Installation

Think of a transcendentally twisted fairy tale from hell in beautiful chaos, and you're right there with Collapsing Scenery, whose experimental music practices and distorted electronic compositions are on view next weekend with the release of 

Metaphysical Cops



in DTLA.

The one-night video and sound installation will be the second in a series, with the debut performance having taken place at NYC Gallery D&F this past May. The D&F Gallery event presented a series of immersive environments built from video projections, experimental music performance, other worldly foliage props, and a wedding band hired to perform cover versions of the group’s own skewed electronic compositions.

The piece, which takes it’s name from Nabokov’s Pnin, builds from an initial reflective, plaintive pace to a terrifying climax.

A reaction to unjust treatment of the LGBT community in Uganda, Metaphysical Cops presents two opposing characters: a young man who experiences his homosexuality as a communion with the divine, and a traditionally religious voice that perceives gayness as a sort of demonic possession.

Below, we are premiering a remix of Metaphysical Cops by London electronic-rock cool kids The Big Pink.

July 31st, 8 p.m. 120 N. Santa Fe Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012