After Passing Their Spanish Exams, A Blind Borges Invited His Female Students Back To The National Library To Commence Study Of English

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Hangin w photographer and art director Carlota Guerrero and her dear friend's niece, Gaia
I have this memory from when I was a little girl where I used to spend a lot of time on my own dressing up with my mom's clothes and shoes and hats, then I would walk down the stairs, very proud of myself, trying not to fall with the huge heels, and I would do a catwalk for my family.

I wanted to recreate that scene, and Gaia was perfect for it (she is Camila's niece, Camila being a very good and old friend of mine).

I asked Carla Camprubí to help me find nice clothes from Gabriela Coll and Uber Den Wolken, both Barcelona-based brands with unique, handmade pieces.

I then spent a Saturday morning at the studio shooting Gaia while listening to Micheal Jackson and having a lot of fun.

We where very relaxed and Gaia was feeling very funny with the huge clothes.

After that we went to eat pizza and saw Matilda, the movie.

— Carlota Guerrero









gaia9 gaia10

Photography & Art Direction: Carlota Guerrero for

Styling: Carla Camprubí

Model: Gaia

Makeup: Alba Peses

Photo Assistant: Marta Armengol

Apparel provided by Gabriela Coll Garments & Über den Wolken