Annahstasia redefines womanhood in "Mutual Agreement"

by Taylor Giangregorio

Sick of hearing unwanted opinions on her luscious, flowing head of hair from self-deemed entitled people, Flaunt Magazine alum Annahstasia frees herself of such negative and confining energy by shaving her head in her latest piece, titled “Mutual Agreement.”

Delicately laid over a slow, rhythmic cadence produced by Jay Cooper, Annahstasia wistfully observes herself and thinks out loud noting, “People ask if this is all there ever was. ‘No, I had much more before this. It was long and full of trauma and hope and trauma and hope and all the creams you buy to mask its damage.’”

Annahstasia continues to reflect her thoughts throughout the video, her soothing voice accompanied by visuals of her in a bright red silk slip dress, shaving her locks, each shear brings her closer to a fully shaven scalp as the sun sets over the water. By the end of the video, Annahstasia has broken free of the mold in the physical sense that she is no longer confined to a head of hair and in the metaphorical sense that she is liberated from the stereotypical ideology of feminism and from society’s judgement.

Video directed and edited by Annahstasia 

Music production by Jay Cooper

Mixed by Qmillion 

Photography and Cinematography by Maxwell Innis, Koreen Odiney, and Jay Cooper