Father's Day | A Rendition by AllSaints

by Tyler Mazaheri

Through a black & white grain, AllSaints presents a new short film just in time for Father’s day. The video in its entirety feels aged yet fresh—never stagnant, always evolving, just like the relationship between a father and son. Pulling at strings of nostalgia, the film lends “a family portrait of surfing legend Buzzy Kerbox and his three sons, Kyler, Kasey, and Kody, as they craft an Alaia wooden surfboard from scratch.” Shot along the North Shore of Hawaii’s Oahu Island, flashes of long drives with the top down and days riding the ocean waves instill the piece with nostalgia and freedom. Regardless of the monochromatic palette, we can still feel the summertime sun and hear the coastal wind. Throughout, scenes of teenaged boyhood become intertwined with intimate moments between father and son as they follow in his footsteps. This bond is what Father’s Day is all about.

As put by AllSaints’ Chief Creative Director, Wil Beedle, “the parent-child rapport isn’t limited to stern words or embarrassing dancing. Sometimes, simply sharing your own dreams and how best to catch a wave on a piece of abandoned wood can offer all the inspiration the next generation requires.”

Photos courtesy of AllSaints