Roxane Gay and Alexandra Grant | "I was born to love, not to hate"

by Hannah Jackson

Courtesy of Lowell Ryan Projects.

Courtesy of Lowell Ryan Projects.

"I was born to love, not to hate" remains one of the most iconic takeaways from Sophocles’ Greek tragedy Antigone. This line, spoken by the titular character herself, is a profound response to the play’s antagonist Creon when he states, “An enemy is an enemy, even dead.” This quote—a proverbial beacon of light in a play overflowing with hubris and revenge—was not lost on artist Alexandra Grant. Her new solo show, Born to Love, is now showing pieces from the Antigone 3000 series at Lowell Ryan Projects through July 6th. Grant’s works are a collage of the phrase “I was born to love, not to hate” in conjunction with colorful, abstract painting.

On Saturday, June 29th at 7 PM Grant will appear in conversation with writer Roxane Gay at Lowell Ryan Projects in Los Angeles. Gay an Grant will discuss the power of the eponymous phrase and how its ancient sentiment remains on the pulse of today’s culture.

Grant frequently incorporates text throughout her art, which ranges from sculpture, painting, drawing, film, and photography. She primarily explores themes of translation, identity, dis/location, and social responsibility through a variety of mediums.

Space is limited for this event. Please RSVP here.