Agoria | "You’re Not Alone" feat. Blasé

by Corrine Ciani

Following the release of his recent single ‘Embrace,’ French producer and composer Agoria reveals a beautiful follow up video, ‘You’re Not Alone’ featuring Blasé.

Directed by Latin Grammy Award winner Hernan Corera, with Cornas & Cavia as co-directors, ‘You’re Not Alone’ tells the story of a tribe bidding goodbye to their leader who passed. Set in an outsider’s dreamworld, we follow the story of the deceased’s girlfriend as his comrades assist him on his final trip.

Director Hernan Corera explains the intimacy seen through the journey. “Nobody is alone, even in the unknown country of death. Life never goes away. Memory, fraternity and hope are the doors that connect the territories of mystery, he says.

Agoria is an artist who has transcended across the different realms of music, art, film, and now space. He recently transmitted music 12.4 lightyears into space with his partnership with NASA and Sonar festival.