Agoria | "Embrace the World"

by Agathe Pinard

After the first viewing of French music producer Agoria’s new short-film for his latest single, ‘Embrace’, there is no doubt that the creative genius behind the beautiful and polished imagery is none other than young Lebanese female director, Jessy Moussallem. Earlier this year she was awarded the Young Director award at Cannes Lions for the music video ‘Roman’.

’Embrace’ addresses the militarization of the human mind, capturing soldiers passing their days training in an isolated setting. Combat movements slowly turn into choreographed dance sequences with the final setting showing a reproduction of the so often reproduced in the name of art Leonardo Da Vinci painting, The Last Supper, where protagonists are replaced by 13 soldiers. “This film explores notions of institutionalized ritual, masculinity, and sacrifice, where human intimacy and the brutality of militarization blursays Moussallem.

When asked about his choice to work with Jessy Moussallem, Agoria says it was an evidence. “Her ability to defend engaging topics with poetry always blows my mind. It’s always more tricky to deliver positive messages than negative or cynical ones. The video is showing the training of soldiers, in their intimacy, facing their ego, their doubts. Most of all – it questions our own choices, our duplicity, the fears and the challenges of humanity.”

Agoria, "Ebrace the World"

Agoria, "Ebrace the World"

Agoria is a highly-respected music artist who connects the creative, cultural overlap of the French electronic scene with art, film, fashion and Artificial Intelligence. The release of ‘Embrace’ follows another busy summer for Agoria, in which he dipped into the world of AI and space age technology. Enlisted to take part in Sonar x NASA’s campaign earlier this year, Agoria programmed music to be transmitted into space.