MoMA Celebrates Publication of "Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls"

by Flaunt Staff

“Chelsea Girls was the movie that made everyone sit up and notice what we were doing in films (and a lot of times that meant sit up, stand up, and walk out). Until then the general attitude toward what we did was that it was ‘artistic’ or ‘camp’ or ‘a put-on’ or just plain ‘boring.’ But after Chelsea Girls, words like degenerate and disturbing and homosexual and druggy and nude and real started being applied to us regularly.” —Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's infamous split-screen masterpiece The Chelsea Girls, which follows an assorted bunch of 1966 New Yorkers living in The Chelsea Hotel, has been celebrated ceaselessly since its release in 1966.  Now, over half a century later, Andy's film will be explored in another medium—print— with Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls, a thorough and delicate exploration of the original film.

The publication features newly digitized stills, unpublished transcripts, unheard reels, archival materials, and in-depth explorations of the various subjects of the film. Images are paired with text to create an immersive experience akin to watching the original film.

However, readers get much more with this book. Unlike the film, which sometimes pointedly puzzles and befuddles viewers, the text serves to illuminate the experience. It's an unprecedented look into to minds of the Chelsea residents, and Mr. Warhol himself. 

In celebration of the new manuscript and freshly digitized film, The Museum of Modern Art will be hosting a premiere. From May 4th to May 13th you can check out clips, stills, and all the other disparate ingredients that coalesced into Warhol's vision. 

All images courtesy D.A.P., The Andy Warhol Museum, and The Museum of Modern Art.

Written by:Meagan Rafferty