Zella Day | FLAUNT Premiere | "Only a Dream"

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Samuel Hess ![Samuel Hess](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1596171432352-274AH50N0ZAE69K4WUM2/Zella+Day_Only+A+Dream.JPG) Samuel Hess Flaunt [alum](https://flaunt.com/content/music/zella-day) Zella Day is here to pilot your much needed escape with surreal transcendence through the garden of love. Her new visual, “Only a Dream”, Inspired by the cycle of life and death, explores the fragile intersection between nature and love. Zella briefly spoke with Flaunt about the themes behind her new video, along with her quarantine experience, and more. Enjoy! **What influenced and finally birthed “Only a Dream” into the world?**  I am enchanted and allured by the garden of love. Death comes to all beautiful things and new life grows in its place; sometimes more beautiful than before. The imagery I’m tugging on is influenced by my mother’s backyard where her black kitty sleeps underneath the tomato plants. I associate love with nature almost always. It’s a smell and a taste engrained in me after all of the years growing up in the mountains of Arizona. My biggest lessons in serenity have been learned in the wildest of places. Love is like that, powerful and wild. The song was half way home when I brought it into Easy Eye. Dan created rain drops of spring on the celeste, summer winds with string arrangements, and a chorus of flowers using my vocals. Only a Dream is alive.   **What about your quarantine experience is unusual?**  Quarantine is unusual. If you have any tips on “normal quarantining” please send my way. I was lucky to be able to get out of town all of July. I drove with a friend from LA to Nashville to record my full length album at the Neon Church. I found myself staring at the horizon laser focused on nothingness while driving through farmland in Oklahoma. I didn’t know how badly my eyes needed to drink up space. Being inside, afraid of everyone and everything, is heavy on the soul.  **How eager are you for the world to be receptive to concerts again and why?** As long as everyone is safe then I’m as eager as ever. I’m trying not to want for things I can’t have during this time. I feel better when I let go of how I wish things were.  **When do you feel the most invincible?** I feel the most invincible when I’m sitting down at the table sharing a bottle of wine with my mother and sister.