Flaunt Premiere | Assassination Nation Soundtrack 'Slay 'Em High Killa'

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assassination-nation\_1200.jpg ![assassination-nation_1200.jpg](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1537393915038-CZ5Z2LU37Q0ECNV1E9XZ/assassination-nation_1200.jpg) In preparation for the film we are all looking forward to - Assassination Nation - we’ve had the chance to absorb the funky original sounds that the exclusive score premiere has granted us. [‘Slay ‘Em High Killa’](https://soundcloud.com/lakeshore-records/slay-em-high-killa-ian-hultquist-assassination-nation-soundtrack/s-8YlI7) is the work of Passion Pit co-founder Ian Hultquist and it sets the bloody mood for this teen-angst drama. Hultquist takes an orchestral, synthwave composition and alters his track to a striking effect which seems to flow poignantly with Sam Levinson’s satirical horror film. Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack digitally on September 21st when the film hits theaters. When asked about the score, Hultqvist asserts, “It was definitely an interesting challenge, and it became a pretty long process of exploring different ideas to find the right tones. I experimented with a wide spectrum of genres including ambient, western, thriller, horror, trap, and delicate orchestra. It was pretty wild! In the end, I think there is an influence of all of those in the music, much like America is an influence of so many other cultures.” Due to his great talent in composition and the art of score making, it appears as though Hultquist will continue to work with filmmakers as his career proceeds. * * * Written by Chloe Laughlin