Flaunt Premiere | Myd Pairs Gallic Humor and  Basement Hangs in 'Moving Men' Exclusive 
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1620100363822-HYDY6AV9BRGJ1UL995KJ/Myd-Credits-AliceMoitie2.jpg) Myd is an affable oddball, Parisian musical wildcard and the latest and greatest talent from the heralded Ed Banger Records. The charismatic Frenchman has just released his debut album - Born A Loser - a 14-track LP that boasts features from indie darlings Mac DeMarco, Juan Waters and Bakar. It’s a delightfully unexpected record that blends electronica with acoustic elements of indie/psych rock, and features Myd singing on his own tracks for the first time. Today Myd has gifted us an exclusive look at a studio rendition of Moving Men, one of the standout tracks from the album. The session was shot at Motorbass Studios in Paris, the fabled studio of the late great Philippe Zdar (of Cassius), who’ve hosted sessions for icons like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. While sadly Mac does not join Myd in-studio, Myd takes on vocal duties in the stripped-back studio session, accompanied by two backing players dressed in what can only be described as the uniform of French schoolchildren (really leaning into that “bandcamp nerd aesthetic”). The performance walks a fine line between genuinely great musicianship and utter absurdity, a recurring theme of Myd’s persona. Myd previously released two other Motorbass session performances -“Together We Stand” and “Let You Speak” - two other singles from the album. Check out FLAUNT’s premiere of the Moving Men session below, the third and final performance in the Motorbass series. Myd also shared some words about what it means to finally drop his debut album: “For me, the album is ending a chapter more than opening a new one. I see inspiration like a lung. Sometimes you are inhaling, and you need to take inspiration and wisdom from lots of people. Then you have other times when you need to produce a lot. To create this album, I was by myself creating. I think the next chapter will be working with other people and sharing what I did.” Stream Myd’s full album Born A Loser below & follow him on socials @Mydsound