Video Debut: Brianna Lance's ''Sensitive Men' Project

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![](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472b1437f34ac9eb1288f63_image-asset.png) Brianna Lance is one of those rare multi-hyphenates whose many interests don't dilute her output, but rather reinforce her overall creative identity. Whether it's fashion, art, music or her work with the unstoppable, inimitable Les Filles, she has an ability to sashay across mediums while still leading the pack.  Her latest audio-visual project, _Sensitive Men,_ is a perfect example of her collaborative, free-spirited ethos and knack for creating both irresistible tracks and beguiling aesthetics to match. Each Wednesday for the next month Flaunt will be releasing two exclusive music videos from the video album, paired with Q&A's from the talented, unique personalities featured in each. Each track was created with a different producer, while each video features intimate scenes of dancers interpreting the music in their own way. Read our interview with Brianna below, jam to the tracks, see what the dancers have to say, and keep an eye out next week for the next installment. * * * ### **The videos are very intimate, with a DIY feel. What made you want to pair that type of visual with these tracks?** **Brianna Lance:** Well, I'm gonna say something that sounds like I’m talking shit and I don’t mean it to be at all. I personally sometimes cringe at overproduced music videos, I think they’re so silly. Who knows, maybe I’ll make one someday, and this will be totally ridiculous to say but it’s more of the idea of people like listening to their own music, I wanted it to be about people actually enjoying the music or be authentic to how people listen to music. ### **And authenticity is the driving value there. You’re hoping to catch a real response to music.** Yeah, I know that I spend a lot of time alone in my apartment listening to music and dancing. When I really listen to music it’s normally alone. I wanted it to be how someone would actually listen to this. It was an amazing thing to see everyone express themselves through this outlet as well. ### **Your musical collaborators are mostly men. Was that something you were thinking about as someone who has worked within women-centric projects in the past?** Yeah, so when I made the record, I had come off from working with only women in every capacity. The band I was playing with was all women, I used to design for a company for all women—it was like everything in my life was around feminine energy. I wanted to see if it would change working around men, if the energy was different. ### **How do you hope people experience the album?** The record has a really good flow to listen to as a whole. You can listen to one song and another and it sounds pretty cohesive. I think the reason for releasing videos is just based on peoples ADD right now, culturally people are one thing to the next and quick. I don’t think I could ask them to sit there and watch a whole thing. But it’s nice to give them a taste over the course of a month, and then at the end you can listen to the whole thing. It was less about how I wanted people to view things and more about how people probably will watch things. ### **You’ve worked** **within a lot of different mediums. Was creativity something you were immersed in from a young age?** I started drawing when I was really really young. I got interested in fashion at a really early age and my parents saw I was passionate about it so they encouraged it. I remember someone once gave me advice. They were like, “You have to pick one thing and focus on it cause you’re never going to be good at something if you do so many different things.” And that was literally the worst advice I ever got. I was like--maybe for you! I think there’s a big part of me that just wanted to prove people wrong with things. Cause to me it’s all the same thing— whether you're making music, clothes, painting whatever you’re doing, you’re trying to express, and give people an emotional reaction to whatever you’re doing. * * * ### **Rebecca Dayan** _What’s next for women?_ Takeover on Mars _What’s next for men?_ Conquer Mars _What’s next for music?_ Psychedelic punk orchestra _What’s next for you?_ Directing and producing my first short film ### **Niki Takesh** _What's next for women?_ World domination! _What's next for men?_ Silence  _What's next for music?_ More opportunity for everyone to shine  _What's next for you?_ World domination!