Liily | Breaking the Mold and Channeling 90’s Shoegaze with “Anvil” Visual

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Photo Credit: Athena Merry ![Photo Credit: Athena Merry](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d7cf58f508277c0bffcb_54-rhNiA.jpeg) Photo Credit: Athena Merry Today, experimental LA-based wunderkinds [Liily](https://www.instagram.com/liilytheband/) have returned with the final single in anticipation of their long-awaited debut album, _TV or Not TV_ (due October 22nd via Flush Records_)._ Their newest offering, “Anvil,” is as heavy as the name suggests, but carries its weight much differently than the album’s previous singles. It lurches forward with a sluggish, reverb-heavy instrumental backdrop, complemented by vocalist Dylan Nash’s subdued, slightly distorted, and ultimately soft vocal hymnals. As opposed to grabbing listeners by their necks with chaotic, frenzied instrumentation and banshee-like screams, it shakes them awake with droning static and marching drums. It’s a definite change in pace, a breather amidst a high-energy sequence of tracks that adds another trick up the band’s sleeve. On the single, Liily said: “‘Anvil’ is our attempt at a shoegaze song and ultimately my attempt at variation lyrically. I really tried to poke fun at the intensity at which a song like this could have, exemplifying that through hyperbolic statements like ‘I made my death bed’ or ‘it might be the last thing I ever wear’—just to be as outrageous as possible in the fewest words possible. This was fun for us because we grew up playing around a lot of shoegaze bands but never was one, so it was exciting/challenging to write a song in a genre that we could never imagine playing but love so much.” As always, Liily aim to engulf their listeners in a lush sonic landscape with each release, and this time around, they take a sharp left turn, but don’t veer off the tracks. “Anvil,” while exhibiting a sound that’s entirely new to their sonic canon, is immediately enticing, an undeniable head-bobber, and a perfect example of this group’s inability to stay one note—they couldn’t if they tried. Ahead of the single’s release, _Flaunt_ had the opportunity to chat with Dylan Nash about the track, the process behind it, its accompanying music video, and more. **What's the inspiration behind the track "Anvil?” Where and when was it written?**  “Anvil “was an interesting one because it was the most cut and dry song \\we wrote. Charlie sent me a little verse/chorus shoegaze guitar and drum bit that I thought was really cool, and I very quickly laid down my vocals at home. By the end of the recording process, I didn’t have to change much. Every part after that fell right into place as we finished it in a full band live setting. Everybody knew this song didn’t need much more to be finished and that included our producer Joe Chiccarelli, who really let the song guide itself. Most producers would’ve wanted their corrective elements to be show, but by letting the song breathe and form itself, it made the song grow beautifully. Creatively, we took influences from 90’s shoegaze bands so therefore, I took a more dramatic approach to the lyrics and melodies as I wanted to play up the gimmick a bit.  **What do you want your fans to take away from the video?** Like a lot of our videos, there’s a lot of love being put into them as Sam has found a passion in directing and editing. The video speaks to the pace and intention of the song as it’s supposed to carry the viewer through the music. It’s a new experience for him, working with living beings that aren’t human, so it must be difficult to make everything work the way he wants it. There’s still a comedic value to this video as it’s about snails living a pretty human life. Regardless of how funny and charming it may seem, Sam did an amazing job in emulating our personalities into something that seems so unrelated. **You’re on tour now, how’s that experience been? Rewarding? Challenging?**  It definitely feels like we’ve climbed to the top of the mountain, finally being able to play shows after almost 2 years. I can’t speak for the rest of the guys but it feels like we’re starting from phase one in our touring career, which ultimately has refueled my passion for touring. Playing shows has always been our strong suit as a band and we’re just super excited to reinvigorate that live feeling. **Your new LP comes out in a few weeks. What does it mean to you personally to release this LP?**  We’re excited to release our first full length record, as they’re songs we genuinely love with every fiber of our being and are beyond ecstatic to share it with new and old fans. Following this record, there’s gonna be a lot of touring and new music from us as we’ve turned a new leaf creatively and productively, which is a product of making a record as sonically diverse as this one.