LGBTQI+ TikTok Trailblazer | @ghosthoney | Tyler Gaca
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1592949900955-XDY3HUN9RWWU1JMEHUZ1/%40ghosthoney_FLAUNT.jpg) Tyler Gaca | @ghosthoney | 609.5k followers | 25 years old | He / Him Tyler Gaca, aka Ghosthoney, graduated with his BFA from an art school in 2017. He joined TikTok in the summer of 2019 looking for a creative outlet. His content is varied, ranging from vlog style videos of him and his husband, to comedic sketches, to sharing his weird 3am thoughts about death and mothman. When do you feel most invincible? I feel the most invincible when surrounded by my friends, loved ones, and nature. How did your relationship with TikTok change during quarantine? Quarantine had a huge impact on my relationship with TikTok! It was a creative outlet before and still is but it became an invaluable resource for connecting with friends and loved ones and for sharing important information.
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Give some advice to the you of last year? Slow down and take in everything happening around you and remember to breathe. Is it ok to change your mind sometimes? How come? What's the context? Yes absolutely! Especially when it comes to educating yourself. It’s a lifelong process of learning, unlearning, and realizing that it shouldn’t stop once you’re done with school. I think we should encourage each other to keep educating ourselves and that it’s normal to change your mind once you learn more information. There can’t be growth if you approach everything with a closed mind.
Tyler Gaca Flaunt
If you could create your own superpower, what would it be?
Full on Avatar master of all elements. Or the power to speak all languages effortlessly. When have you overcome doubt in yourself recently?
Every day haha (but seriously) I’m always questioning: am I doing enough, am I working hard enough, is what I’m creating good enough? You do have to know when to ignore that voice and say “I’m doing my best!” But I think maybe a little bit of doubt or questioning is healthy? It keeps me working harder and striving to improve. Which current injustice is important to you and why?
Fighting the racism that’s so deeply ingrained in our country. I think it should be important to everyone. Whether or not we’re conscious of it, as white people we’ve created this problem and have benefited from it. It’s roots are embedded in the creation of our country and it’s not going to go away until we all take action, put in the work to educate ourselves, and fight for representation and equality.
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