Stanley Kubrick | Through a Different Lens
Walking into the current exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center, one might be surprised to find that the photographs hanging on the walls are from Stanley Kubrick’s time as a young photojournalist before going on to direct some of the most iconic films of 20th Century American cinema. Before _Dr. Strangelove_ (1964) or _2001: A Space Odyssey_ (1968), Kubrick was selling his photographs to _Look_ magazine starting at the age of seventeen. The exhibition at the Skirball, _Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs,_ espouses over 130 photographs on view from Kubrick’s time as an amateur photojournalist. From nightclubs to sporting events, Kubrick’s photographs allowed him to lay a foundation for his cinematic eye. _Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs_ chronicles this time, presenting the photographs chronologically through the time her spent photographing for _Look_. The final section of the exhibition is a viewing of Kubrick’s first independent documentary, _Day of the Fight_ (1951).  * * * _Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs_ is on view now at the Skirball Cultural Center until March 8th, 2020. Photos courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York and SK Film Archives