Meet Jon Madray of INSPXRE: The New Motivational Canvas Art Brand 
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/816a9d2e-031c-49b8-b513-e8c2d54876b1/image0+-+2022-08-01T170815.109.jpeg) The advent of digital media has revolutionized every aspect of life, including art. Digital art has become the new trend for modern artists to take their creativity to the global platform. Digital art has also unlocked several opportunities for art lovers and investors around the world. They can access most exclusive artworks online and own complete rights to art pieces. INSPXRE, an online art gallery, is a new addition to this list of modern art that is changing the way of purchasing online art for art connoisseurs around the world. INSPXRE is a passion project of Jon Madray, an artist who wears several hats. As a DJ, music producer, actor, and filmmaker, Jon Madray has stormed the entertainment industry, and now he is all set to make a mark on the digital art world with INSPXRE. INSPXRE, pronounced as "Inspire," is an online art gallery that embodies motivational and inspirational art. Unlike other online art brands, INSPXRE helps people give back to the community. INSPXRE does this by allowing customers to participate in donating to any one of three charity options with every purchase. The first option donates to the underprivileged Latin American and Caribbean communities. The second is focused on advocating the importance of mental health among youth in America and the third donates to children fighting cancer. True to its name, INSPXRE has the ultimate goal to inspire young entrepreneurs and students to become the best versions of themselves, motivating them to give back to communities in need through art. The idea behind creating INSPXRE was born from Madray's desire to impact lives positively during the pandemic-enforced shutdown. While the world was going through a challenging time, Madray thought of creating an inspiring canvas for a friend. With this, he soon realized how much of an impact it could make if it were an actual brand. With no experience in the e-commerce space, Madray had to pave his way to success through tons of research and hard work. He developed an insight into e-commerce through online tutorials and sought assistance from Google to scale up INSPXRE to new heights. Madray's leap from the entertainment industry to the art world is built on self-confidence and a desire to add a new dimension to his career. Being a first-generation Guyanese-American, Madray has fired up the EDM scene for the last 15 years. He has worked with prominent artists from the industry, including Grammy-nominated producer Avicii, and has grown in the film world from creating comedy skits to being featured on Saturday Night Live and recently being featured on celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson's TV series "No Passport Required" on PBS. Madray is fast gaining traction, making INSPXRE an art brand with a humane purpose that will only amplify its glory in the coming years. With the goal to continue scaling INSPXRE, he is resolute about having his brand become a household name and disruptor of the modern canvas art space.