Issue 156 | Editor's Letter
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Editor’s Letter Dear Readers, My earliest accounts of eternity include Veruca Salt’s manic pursuit of an everlasting gobstopper and that creepy animated film supposedly produced for kids, All Dogs Go To Heaven. The most recent accounts concern the initiative across America to remove Confederate statues—symbols of slavery that, if anything, belong in museums, not withstanding the eternal test of time in our parks and on our street corners. Between the never-ending candy, puppy flicks, and the Confederates is your requisite contemplation of the universe, a God, and a public holiday on the I-405 South. It’s constant, eternity, innit? Interestingly, our eternal theme sprang from the initial impetus to call this The Age Issue, as we aimed to depict the gamut of age currently seen on some catwalks and campaigns. Consider, for instance, the inclusion of 10 year-old actor Jacob Tremblay (page 128) or the graceful good looks of two, let’s say, more “mature” models, Lisa Crosby and Nancy Donohue (page 216). Realizing, of course, that an outbound request to Hollywood that glamorized the word “Age” was a bit like a turkey pulling a chair up to Thanksgiving and asking, “What’s for dinner?” we reconsidered and thought it better to explore those elements of our life journey that are without limitations, timeless, forever. To wit: we’ve a diagnosis of eternal beauty objects and their positive/negative role on this journey (page 154); the ceaselessly relevant Bill Murray (whom we’ve been chasing for the better part of an eternity) and his new classical music project (page 190); social media graveyards (page 292); a suspended greenhouse-esque architecture install (page 118) at the Chicago Architectural Biennial (trees are in crisis, I suppose, but they’re pretty eternal—at least in theory); and the 70th anniversary of one of fashion’s most eternally revered houses, Christian Dior (page 122). We’re also packing the new school with Future (the rapper whose very name inspires temporal projection) and, obviously, a grip of eternal entertainment legacy youngsters with names like Dylan, Marley, and Dempsey found throughout, ready to burn this one down on their own accord. Enjoy The Eternal Issue and see you on the other side. Sincerely, Matthew Bedard