HoneyLuv Shakes Up the Dancefloor at Seismic Dance Event
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/8f367ea3-9e3a-4ced-af86-360fb852f95e/HoneyLuv-Seismic-0357.jpg) Taylor Character, known to fans by the moniker HoneyLuv, is a DJ/producer making waves in the dance scene and she’s here to bring you along for the ride. It’s worth noting that this ride has been anything but traditional for HoneyLuv - she’s a college basketball player turned US Navy Sailor turned DJ - so it’s all the more impressive just how swift her ascent has been. HoneyLuv first cut her teeth playing guest DJ sets on celebrity trainer Corey Caillet’s “Issa Lifestyle” radio show. Instead of letting the pandemic stunt her early growth as an artist, she seized the moment and resources around her, gaining notoriety via Twitch where she had a residency on LP Giobbi’s popular Femmehouse series. She also started her own radio show, “House of Honey”, aimed at showcasing underground dance music and shedding light on the culture of house music and its early beginnings. HoneyLuv’s emergence as a household name is bound to continue, with a couple recent standout tracks including ‘PAIN’ and ‘F R E E’ both released on Popgang Records in addition to upcoming releases on Insomniac, Sink or Swim, and more. She has had key appearances at CRSSD Festival, EDC Las Vegas, Day Trip LA, Brooklyn Mirage, Audiotistic and is poised to have an even bigger year in 2022, having already been announced on the Do LaB’s Lightning in a Bottle lineup. HoneyLuv recently took the stage at Seismic Dance Event in Austin, TX alongside over fifty names that define the sounds of the underground dance movement. The recent edition took place on a new seven-acre property, The Concourse Project, owned by the producers of the event, RealMusic Events. Take a look at HoneyLuv’s experience from the festival below!
My Tour Manager Majic and I, just enjoying the Texas sun.
Headed to the stage, for my debut at Seismic Dance Event.
Just showing you all a little bit of my personality, I'm shy in real life lol.
Styling and profiling behind the decks <3
An artist appreciating some Austin art.
Passing the decks over to the bro Kyle Walker. Always feels good to meet everyone in person for the first time.
Just chilling in my Ivy Park Chaps, Beyonce approved.
My tour manager Majic, telling a story of how I don't like to take the towels from him on stage during my performances. I like to feel the sweat ;p. As you see I'm not taking the towel lol.
Just maxing and relaxing like my name's Janet Jackson.
You can always catch me on the phone giving attitude. Playful, very playful <3