Flaunt Premiere / Toronto Bad Gyal Ebhoni Unveils Spicy New Single “MIA”

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Flaunt-Ebhoni ![Flaunt-Ebhoni](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d0fac7a88e544f7eae0e_Flaunt-Ebhoni.jpeg) [Ebhoni](https://www.instagram.com/ebhonijade/?hl=en) is our new favorite R&B artist, all the way from Toronto, Canada. The singer-songwriter may come off mysterious and to herself, but her powerful vocals & unique vocal stylings have the ability to move mountains. Since the age of 11, she’s been infatuated with performing and creating music, injecting her own eclectic style and personality. Now at 20 years old, her love and passion has not wavered in the slightest.  Now, she returns with her newest single titled “MIA,” premiered exclusively on Flaunt. Given the current state of the world from COVID-19 to systematic racism to the election, she wants fans to listen and escape from reality — exuding self-assurance, fun, and some much needed girl power. Speaking on the creative process behind “MIA,” Ebhoni tells us, “I literally was bumping Biggie Smalls ‘Warning’ on my way to the studio and Alex \[Lustig\] started making the beat. I heard the drums and instantly felt like a bad gyal like ‘who the fuck is this?’ \[laughs\] From there, it was nun but pure joke. When you’re having fun, you come up with the wildest lyrics. ‘Run thru your mind blood rush to your dick’, I was feeling myself.” “MIA” is a sensual, dancehall-inspired track with Ebhoni crooning about the thirsty men in her life that she makes “beg like a kid.” Listen above and put your bad bitch hat on!