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Flâneur homme, an Netherlands-based menswear fashion brand founded in 2016. inspired by, and deeply entrenched in both skate and rock culture, flâneur homme is known for both its ready-to-wear collections and their statement accessories. the brand started by creating small capsule collections which eventually transitioned to full ready-to-wear collections, successfully bridging the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion.
FLÂNEUR HOMME autumn-winter collection “Interbellum”. In the 1920's the world was living in between wars. In a certain form, history repeats itself: there was a positive view on life and belief in the future. Following one of the most destructive wars in history, societies worldwide experienced shifts that had a lasting impact on today’s creative outlook. Keeping in mind, the “Interbellum” collection is highly influenced by melancholic prints like the knitted joker sweater, dull color schemes, and college references to this era. Intertwining these elements, we have created our own ready-to-wear unisex wardrobe comprised of luxury fabric and quality garments.
As art deco found its way from Paris into the city of New York under a new interpretation, so did the people with new hopes and beliefs. To rebuild their lives and dreams after the first war. So, where would the Flâneur of the 1930’s stroll in New York? We ended up in the lower east part of Manhattan. This vibrant downtown neighborhood used to be and still is very diverse, powered by the European immigrants who now hold jobs and shops in the area. A place where there is always something happening, always an urban image to capture —the perfect area of the Flâneur to lounge on the streets.

Shop: FLÂNEUR HOMME WEBSITE Follow: FLANEUR HOMME INSTAGRAM Credits for Flâneur Homme AW22 campaign: Photography: @aichaabdoun Creative Direction: @r__egi Digitech: @jayarora.jpg Talent: @ettispaghetti @taro.rap @efirocha Production: @nastassiawinge Production Assistant: @larn_marie Styling: @mateoxpalacio Makeup: @hirotomakeup