Douglas Tausik Ryder | Jason Vass Gallery "Body Language”

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Pioneering artist [Douglas Tausik Ryder](https://www.instagram.com/douglastausikryder/?hl=en) will be showing his latest exhibition “Body Language” at the Jason Vass Gallery in Los Angeles beginning September 7th. The show, which runs through October 19th, offers a unique, abstract, and organic look at the female body. Though there is no shortage of the feminine form in art, Tausik Ryder’s depiction is certainly unlike other sculptors of his time. He dwells in the intersection of art and technology, using industrial geometric code that drives formation via a computer numerical code (CNC) machine. The artist is no stranger to the use of technology in his works. He has pushed industrial boundaries for decades, beginning with his paintings created by billboard printing methods. “All my life I’ve felt that technical and industrial processes yielded the most amazing objects,” says Tausik Ryder. “I was driven to master such techniques, using them for artistic rather than manufacturing purposes.” Tausik Ryder, a favorite of Tom Ford and Richard Buckley, is the only artist in his medium who utilizes a CNC machine, allowing his pieces to exist in both physical wood and the digital realm. * * * “Body Language” will be holding an opening reception on September 7th from 5-8 PM at Jason Vass Gallery at 1452 E. Sixth Street, Los Angeles.