Premiere | Blu DeTiger "Tangerine"

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Photo courtesy of Rachel Cabbitt ![Photo courtesy of Rachel Cabbitt](https://cdn.prod.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472ba0453cc0c6d5cc58c6a_image-asset.jpeg) Photo courtesy of **Rachel Cabbitt** 21-year-old New York retro-pop artist [Blu DeTiger](https://www.instagram.com/bludetiger/?hl=en) drops her music video for “Tangerine.” The video, directed by Patricia Gloum, features dancers from the [Hetrick-Martin Institute](https://hmi.org/celebrating-40-years/), the first and largest LGBTQ youth organization. “Tangerine,” her third-ever single, follows house thumping “Mad Love” and disco shimmering “In My Head.”  About the lyrics of “Tangerine” DeTiger explains, “The song is about going beyond that initial step and creating the environment you want. 'The crown look good on me, fresh like tangerine, I wanna write my name on your walls' — It's flirty, cheeky, empowering, badass, and the groove just glides. I had Tom Tom Club in mind when I recorded the guitar, James Brown for the stabs, classic hip-hop for the scratches, sprinkled in with some more modern synths and sound effects." Check out the music video and Q&A below, where Blu explains what her crown would look like, why she chose to work with the Hetrick-Martin Institute, upcoming projects, and more!  **The chorus of Tangerine goes “the crown look good on me - don’t it?” What does your crown look like?**  My crown is sparkly blue and gold, and covered in glitter. My crown “looks good” whenever I feel my absolute best and my most confident.  **How would you say “Tangerine” showcases different elements of your artistry than your last single “Mad Love” does?** “Tangerine” is slower in tempo but it’s still groovy as hell. It breathes. The bass is front and center of the track—I even solo at the end. It’s glitchy, sultry, and sexy. I’m singing out in this song more than my other tunes, and I think there’s more vulnerability in my voice and in what I’m saying. **If your music could be the soundtrack to any movie, what would it be and why?**  I feel like this song could be in a Greta Gerwig film that she hasn’t done yet. I love her films. She captures youth and teen angst and I always really resonated with that when watching her movies. The movie would be about a young girl figuring her life out in New York City. Maybe she has to navigate the music industry :) **Why did you choose to feature the Hetrick-Martin Institute in your music video? What was it like working with the group, and did you learn anything from the experience?**  The director of the video, Patricia Gloum, had a connection to the Hetrick-Martin Institute and had the idea of having vogue dancers in the video. I’ve DJ’d a few parties in New York where vogues were performing, so I’ve always been curious and interested in the style. I learned a lot from them! We gave the dancers a lot of freedom to freestyle and do their thing, and it was so inspiring to watch Patricia and them work together to get the perfect mix of choreography for the song. All the dancers understood the vibe right away and were really easy to work with. None of them had been on set for a music video before, so it was a really fun experience for all of us. **Do you have any upcoming projects we can look forward to?** A lot more music coming :) * * *