Ain’t No Zoom Meetings Here / Wandering the West with Drew Smith
![Alt Text]() Sick of the quarantine groundhog day yet? Seven months of the same old grind, and that's if you're lucky. Yeah, it's getting old pretty fast. While your #vanlife search might see you rubbing elbows with the now grounded jetset cruising the scenic byways of America in a gleaming new converted Sprinter van, there are still a few adventurers out there, ripping up the West, and reminding us that life can still be worth living. Drew Smith is one of those folks. He's been living on the road for almost 15 years. He taught himself to rock climb after breaking his back skiing in Wyoming. This was after a childhood spent on a sheep and cattle ranch, teenage years riding motorcycles, sledding down dirt hills and snowboarding around Montana, and a resume that includes working fishing boats in Alaska, canoeing un-named rivers in Laos and road tripping through Baja. But climbing became his calling. Smith has hit some of the top climbs in North America and Patagonia, and spent two years on the revered Yosemite Search and Rescue team, all while holding a DSLR camera his brother gave him. He's now become one of the world's most respected climbing photographers, a real Rock star if you forgive us, and his journey is chronicled in a new short, Drew Smith: A Young Man's Road directed by his friend Dylan Gordon and produced by Firestone Walker. To remind us all what we're missing, he's sharing some images of his summer exclusively with Flaunt. Flaunt-Drew-Smith-1.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-4.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-2.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-3.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-5.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-6.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-8.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-7.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-9.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-10.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-13.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-11.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-12.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-14.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-15.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-17.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-16.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-18.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-19.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-21.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-20.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-22.jpg Flaunt-Drew-Smith-23.jpg Photos courtesy of Dylan Gordon