Celebrating 25 Years of AllSaints

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Creative director Wil Beedle hosted an event in honor of AllSaints 25th anniversary. Accompanied by musical guests such as Flaunt Fave [Arsun Sorrenti](https://www.flaunt.com/content/arsun-sorrenti), the night was a classic celebration at Chateau Marmont’s bungalow 1. Hoards of the coolest kids hung out chain smoking by the pool while a DJ set by [Hateboy](https://www.instagram.com/hateboy2/?hl=en) got the rocking crowd weirding out to some house tracks. The influence soaked crowd included Ariel Beesley, Bec Adams, Ally HilFiger, Amanda Steele, Eddie Mitsou, Gavin Turek, Finneas, Kate Parfet, Kilo Kish, Marta Pozzan, Rainsford, Salem Mitchell, Sara Cummings Zach VIlla, and a host of other Beauts. * * * Photographed by [David Vassalli](https://www.instagram.com/davidvassalli/?hl=en).