WeTransfer | 'Works of Heart' Coloring Book

Celebrate WeTransfer's third year as a BCorp with a special coloring book

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Brendan Le

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Coloring books harken back to kindergarten days, carefree with crayons and coloring pencils. When picked up as an adult, however, they can take on a new significance, yet still remain just as relaxing. For Dutch computer file transfer service WeTransfer’s third anniversary as a BCorp—a certification given to businesses that meet social and environmental performance standards delineated by the nonprofit B Lab—it has commissioned an exclusive coloring book by artists from around the world. Selecting illustrators off their arts platform WePresent, WeTransfer seeks to tackle global topics like climate justice, community, LGBTQIA+ representation, mental health, and accessibility with the coloring book drawings.

Among the artists asked to design pages were María Jesús Contreras from South America, Rakhmat Jaka Perkasa from South Borneo, Sioe Jeng Tsao from Amsterdam, Ori Toor from Tel-Aviv, and Tara Booth from Portland, Oregon. Each was tasked with one theme, envisioning abstract drawings that display their artistic styles. Under the theme of "community," Perkasa took inspiration from the Indonesian quotidian life, using imagery from common advertisements and day-to-day visuals. Booth delves into the issue of accessibility with scenes depicting her forms of healing, such as therapy and meditation. Accompanying each illustration is a brief artist statement detailing their goals, method, and the source of their creative drive.

"My art features loud and saturated colors and is filled with memories of childhood," Contreras says. "I'm obsessed with creating creatures, whether human or animal or even inanimate objects. Fear and humor are my two motivations."

The 15-page coloring book is available for download via WeTransfer.

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WeTransfer, María Jesús Contreras, Rakhmat Jaka Perkasa, Sioe Jeng Tsao, Ori Toor, Tara Booth, Brendan Le