Prada Frames | Being Home

A multidisciplinary design symposium

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Tayla Grainger

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The newest iteration of Prada Frames, the annual multidisciplinary symposium held on the occasion of Milan’s Salone del Mobile, explores how the domestic sphere serves as a microcosm of contemporary culture. This year, Prada Frames offers Being Home, an extensive program of intimate conversations and thematic lectures bringing together the ideas of numerous scholars and professionals from a diverse range of research backgrounds. The lecture series will take place on April 14th through April 16th at Milan’s Bagatti Valsecchi Museum.

The lecture series analyzes the way that prevalent socio-cultural issues have manifested themselves within the infrastructure of the modern-day home. Each day provides new perspectives and important insights into topics set within the framework of each of the house’s main rooms: the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the dining room, and the library. One lecture, for example, examines how the kitchen has historically shaped socioeconomic norms and gender biases. Another explores the intersection of design and rituals of community care and gathering. As a whole, the conversations are meant to present contemporary ideas on the complex relationship that exists between the natural environment and design.

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