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On view April 24 at Demisch Danant gallery in New York

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Camryn Spratt

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Christofle’s La Collection Vintage, a treasure first uncovered in the brand’s Parisian flagship in 2022, has arrived in the U.S. for the first time, beginning with an installation at the Demisch Danant gallery in New York. Adorning the grandest of tables, illuminating travels above legendary vessels, and decorating the most famous monuments such as the Paris Opera, Christofle’s supplies have delighted the residences of prestigious customers. A selection of authenticated vintage pieces and high-quality silverwork will be available for sale, bestowing an imperial gleam upon those who pass through New York’s Bleecker Street and its newest (and shiniest) Christofle boutique.

Intrinsically durable and enduringly royal, a Christofle piece is designed to be passed down, an entire life capable of capture in its signature mirror finish. Ranging from the Louis XVI grandeur of a circa 1855 candelabra to modernist lines of the Nice collection, designed by Lino Sabattini in 1955, each piece of silver is authenticated with a golden stamp of approval prior to restoration. La Collection Vintage, in timeless elegance, stands as a testament to its almost 200-year-long history, maintaining a lasting legacy through circularity and reminding us that every lining is indeed silver.  

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