The Cassina Perspective | 2024 Collection

Uniting the past and future of luxury design

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Tayla Grainger

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2024 is a year of milestones for luxury Italian furniture brand Cassina. This year, Cassina debuts their new The Cassina 2024 Perspective at Milan Design Week, which celebrates a number of significant achievements in the brand’s history while simultaneously taking bold strides forward. Here, the brand expresses their commitment to honoring the past while charting the future, uniting young designer Bradley L. Bowers with established names and timeless masters within the field. 

This year, Cassina and acclaimed French designer Philippe Starck celebrate the 30th anniversary of their collaborative partnership with a new bedroom furniture set. The collection is both elegant and eclectic, making these high-end fixtures equally inviting and aspirational. 2024 also marks the 20th anniversary of the Charlotte Perriand Collection. Cassina pays homage to the legendary designer by unveiling an exclusive collection featuring her previously unseen designs and models that have never been mass-produced before. 

This is also a year of firsts for Cassina as they debut a number of new projects. Spanish designer Patricia Urqiola, for example, is reinterpreting her iconic Dudet Sofa and Dudet Armchair with innovative materials. She also expands her dining line with the new Trampoline Lounge Chair. The latest additions to the Cassina Lighting Collection include designs by the masterful Charles and Ray Eames, Ico Parisi, and Linde Freya Tangelder.

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