The Smile | Sold-Out Kings Theatre Show

Kicking off three New York nights.

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Amanda Koellner

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The Smile kicked off three nights in New York City with a sold-out show at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre Friday Night. The virtuoso status of each member of the supergroup, comprised of Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood with Sons of Kemet's Tom Skinner on drums, created a sensation of disbelief that so few people could be creating such soundscapes during the 100 minutes the band held the stage.

Joined by instrumentalist Robert Stillman, who opened the night for a handful of songs, The Smile played all 13 tracks from this year's incredible A Light for Attracting Attention, along with five new songs and a face-melting performance, during a rare second encore no less, of Yorke's solo song "Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses." He dedicated "People in Balconies" to the city, saying "I don't want to be corny, but today, this one's for you guys. This one is for New York." The audience went wild, beyond thankful to bask in the glory of this incredibly special tour and hopeful that The Smile one day returns for more.



Thin Thing

The Opposite

Speech Bubbles

Free in the Knowledge

A Hairdryer

Waving a White Flag

Colours Fly (with Robert Stillman)

We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings

Read the Room

Skirting on the Surface

Just Eyes and Mouth

People on Balconies (with Robert Stillman)

The Smoke (with Robert Stillman)

You Will Never Work in Television Again (with Robert Stillman)


Open the Floodgates

The Same

Bending Hectic

Encore 2:

Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses

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The Smile, Kings Theatre, Amanda Koellner