The Elephant 6 Recording Co. | LA Screening of New Documentary

Get to know the story behind the revered collective

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Cerys Davies

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It was 1993. The Apples In Stereo released their debut record under a new label formed in Louisiana. The label goes by The Elephant 6 Recording Co. Ever since their first release, the collective has only continued to amass different rock groups pushing the envelope in one way or another.  As they celebrate their 30th birthday, a documentary, entitled “The Elephant 6 Recording Co.,” tells the full story behind this influential collective and will be showing at theaters on August 25th. Directed by C.B. Stockfleth and produced by Lance Bangs, the documentary features unseen footage of different bands and interviews from members of the collective Robert Schneider and Jeff Magnum.

From backing bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power and the Olivia Tremor Control, The Elephant 6 Recording Co. is known for dealing with bands that specialize in experimental underground sounds. This collective pioneered the way for the popularization and appreciation of indie musicians. To this day, they continue to build their legacy and reach new audiences with their boundary pushing artists.

There will be an early screening of the documentary where fans and film junkies alike can engage with the documentary, enjoy a tribute concert, and hear from the filmmakers themselves. Get to know the story of The Elephant 6 Recording Co. at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre on August 11. 

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The Elephant 6 Recording Co., Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, C.B. Stockfleth, Lance Bangs, Robert Schneider, Jeff Magnum