Runway To Seoul | The City Brings Fashion to Souls Outside of Seoul

WWD Korea presents day-long event debuting several designers, musical guests, and interactive experiences

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Maria Kyriakos

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On September 23rd, Seoul welcomed its newest addition to the ever-growing fashion hub, Runway to Seoul. Hosted by Women's Wear Daily Korea, is ready to be the next generation’s voice in catapulting K-culture’s visions into a permanent reality. Included in this event was Cherry Bullet, LOUDI, Doi Hyeon, and Kim Min Kyu who were amongst the guests witnessing fashion, music, technology and entertainment not only merge, but become celebrated, as they were showcased for the world to see.

WWD Korea hosts a passionate loyalty to broaden the audience of Runway to Seoul, encouraging the immersion of Korean culture, artistry, and overall creativity. With plans to eventually expand to New York, Milan and Paris, one of the recognized designers of the event, Ordinary People, attested to this, saying, “It seems that our concept for the Seoul collection this time is inspired by travel. We drew inspiration from the last trip we took, and we want to incorporate the colors and elements from that country into the collection. We are aiming for a somewhat eerie and deconstructive feel in the collection, and we plan to express this through video.Co-hosted with SBA, Seoul Business Agency, at DDP Oullim Square, the day long event consisted of fashion shows by seven featured designers: Leey, Ordinarypeople, NACHE, Mina Chung, 8 by YOOX, KOWGI, and NICHE2NIGHT. The latter is the third co-host of the event, promoting the launch of their private label, 8 by YOOX.

The Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 collection is a 90’s meets Y2K aesthetic, focused on expressing yourself more than anything else, in doing so without feeling restricted to any feeling, community or standard. Along with the several fashion shows anchoring the event, there were various attractions for guests to enjoy. The packed schedule included musical artists such as: K-pop group Kiss Of Life, beats by DJ250, Korean hip-hop artist Kimximyada, and dance numbers by D’AUSPICE. There was nothing short of options, as attendees were encouraged to utilize the photo booth, as well as AR/XR interactive fashion booths and experiences. Put on by GALLERIEX, the content was provided by the designers themselves, as 3D art objects.

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