A Holiday Celebration

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Tiana Malony

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Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, celebrated their Make the Moment  Holiday 2022 campaign–presented at The Hollywood Athletic Club in Los Angeles. Actor Tessa Thomson hosted the event with music by DJ Hart Denton and food by MaryBeth Boiler. The event revealed the 2022 Christmas Book and fantasy gift offerings. Chief marketing officer of Neiman Marcus Darren “Daz” McColl, highlights how the Make The Moment theme intertwines with the brand’s “Live Your Luxury” motto. McColl shares, It takes the freedom and the boldness of individual style and places it in a holiday setting, where highly memorable, tradition-twisting moments are made. It’s a celebration of optimism and inclusivity in which relationships are cherished. Our Make the Moment stories highlight Neiman Marcus’ unique ability to curate and deliver the extraordinary.”

A transformational Cartier diamond tiara turned necklace was just one of the many fantasy gifts included in the Make The Moment launch. This year, Neiman Marcus plans to give back to the Boys and Girls Club of America. On the brand’s charitable actions and iconic status, Tessa Thomson shares "Neiman Marcus is the epitome of luxury fashion and synonymous with the magic of the holiday season. As a loyal fan of Neiman Marcus, I am honored to be this year’s host of the holiday campaign debut and fantasy gifts launch. I am particularly inspired by their ongoing dedication to philanthropy and emphasis on charitable giving not only during the holiday season but throughout the year.” Thomson also plans to give back by making a donation to The Trevor Project—a mental health organization.


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