MIIA & Vaarin | New SIngle"Skin of a Fool"

A raw and heartbreaking song about the unscrupulous way we treat ourselves

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‘It's too dark in here for me to see the way out

My way out

It's so hard to find what's on my mind

No way out’

Raw and heartbreaking could be the most straightforward way to describe MIIA's new single, 'Skin of a fool'. The lyrics, the voice, and the music of this new song are combined to give way to a sad ode that puts the listener on the brink of about 3 minutes of deep nostalgia.

The mind travels to uncertain scenarios. You know something is going to happen, and finally, it ends up being a powerful story set in dark places, harsh judgments, and pain, culminating in what feels like an indestructible, liberating whirlwind.

It’s soul-stirring from the very beginning. It’s dramatic, and at the same time, it's somehow delicate, the kind of song and melody that is not heard that often anywhere ever. The song makes us vibrate when it arrives. 'Skin of a fool' is also a sort of call to alert, to the unscrupulous way we treat ourselves.

No one understanding my head
I don't talk to myself like a friend
No one understanding my pain
I'm the skin of a fool and my head says I'm cruel
Where's the truth?
Where's the truth?

MIIAS’s list of achievements includes the success of "Dynasty" in 2016, when she entered the Top 5 on several verified playlists like New Music Friday, helping her lay the foundation to go further with her music. Today, she has more than 120 million plays on Spotify and about 1.4 million monthly listeners.

Her debut EP will be out in 2023, but until it arrives, she makes 'Skin of a fool' available to her wide fan base, which features Norwegian artist Vaarin.

About the collaboration, MIIA said she didn’t know her that well but admired her. “We wrote "Skin of a Fool" during a vulnerable conversation about feelings we had felt surrounding not being good enough. Our producer, Joachim “J RYGGS”, already had these enchanting chords that immediately spoke to us. You need to allow darkness to "get out" of it. And sometimes, in order to do that, you need to know that you’re not alone. You need to let love in - and only when you do that - you can finally be free”. 

Vaarin is a Norwegian artist with a very specific statement of principle. ‘I feel like the reason I’m here in this world is to make people feel something through my music and that my music is a big part of my identity!’

MIIA earned her B.A. from the University of Oslo and worked with the largest environmental organization in Norway. It didn't take long for her to break into the world of film and television. Her song "Beautiful Creature" was used in a massive global Samsung commercial, while her other songs were listened to on shows like The Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules, and Virgin Territory, to name just a few.

Netflix's Love is Blind featured the single "Dynasty" on her band music and so did UNICEF on a project fighting climate change.

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